Join a Committee

Houses aren’t built with hammer and nails alone.  There’s a lot of work that has to take place before we ever get to the build site on Blitz Week, and much of that work begins in our Committees.  It all starts with a thought… an idea that takes root and grows through the cooperation and interest of a group of people with a common goal.  In our case, it’s to build simple, decent, affordable housing for people who meet the criteria set by Habitat for Humanity International.

If you would like to become a part of Habitat for Humanity, become a member on one of our committees.  Sharing your ideas, interests, experience and skills can make the dream of owning a home a reality for some hard-working family that is looking for a hand UP, not a hand out.

Below is a brief description of our committees.  Read through and find the one that best suits your interests and talents, and join today!  A few hours of your time every month is guaranteed to improve lives, yours included!  

People who are interested in identifying potential sites for construction.  This includes working with local government officials on acquiring land and lots for building, water and sewer hookups and working with the construction committee to be sure lots are “buildable” for a house that is suitable for a partner family.  Those who like to dabble in real estate would be natural members.  Others welcome too!

People who have an interest in and may have knowledge of home construction.  This can include surveyors, architects, people who know building codes, carpenters, concrete workers, plumbers, electricians, utility people and building supply people.  There is a lot to know about building houses.  If you have any knowledge at all, or if you would like some on-the-job training, please join us!

This committee is made up of people willing to interview and work with families who have made application to be a partner family with Habitat.  These people will also check to make certain that the applicant families meet the criteria established by Habitat for homeownership.  Working with the Family Support Committee, you will find certain joy in making what seems an unobtainable dream come true for some of these families!

People who have good “social/people” skills to work with partner families both before and after construction to be sure that the families know what is required in the area of sweat equity, to provide a record of that time requirement, and to help in the transition of true homeownership.  These sponsor/advocate/friends may also help the families in the areas of budgeting and home maintenance.

People to identify and approach potential donors (individual, church, corporate) for either cash or “in-kind” gifts of material, labor, property, or support.  This committee also needs people who can develop fundraising material and help with grant writing.  You will be surprised to find how eager people are to give when they understand the principles of Habitat!

People who can write articles for newsletters, and one or two who would like to work with local media are needed for this committee.  Persons interested in volunteering to serve on this committee may also speak to church groups and other groups and organizations about our projects and our mission.  People on this committee help the affiliate “get the word out.”

The people who serve on this committee help organize and contact other volunteers to set up time and places to work…whether in the office, or on the job site.  This group also keeps track of volunteer hours, and sets criteria for volunteer recognition.

To join one of our committees, simply fill out the VOLUNTEER FORM and tell us what committee you’re interested in.  The Committee Chair will give you a call and fill you in on all the details.  It’s as easy as that.  Congratulations!  You’ve just improved the world!