Organized in the spring and incorporated on October 25th, 1990, the Ontario County affiliate of Habitat for Humanity is a fully autonomous, non-profit, tax-exempt organization which is responsible for its own fund raising. Its Board of Directors and officers are volunteers from several towns, various churches, and civic organizations throughout the area.

Habitat volunteers work in partnership with responsible low-income families to construct inexpensive but sturdy homes. The families then purchase the home with an affordable mortgage. Building sites are donated to or purchased by Habitat. Local volunteers, churches, and businesses then donate or help raise funds to purchase materials, tools, labor and services. Families help design and build the home they will eventually live in, within guidelines set by Habitat. They also spend four hundred hours working on a Habitat house. When their home is completed, they purchase it from Habitat with an affordable mortgage. Their payments enable Habitat to continue building houses for other people.